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How to locate the Norton product key?

The product key is used to introduce you to the Norton antivirus product. When you purchase a new Norton antivirus product, you need to have a product key in order to operate your antivirus and use it. Product key is simply a 25-character alpha-numeric code printed on the back of the retail card. Here is an example of the code, which goes something like this: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Always keep your product key in some safe place, because if in future you encounter some difficulty with your antivirus software, you need to have your product key, based on which the technical support will assist you into solving your problem.

How Does Antivirus Works?

Antivirus software scans the file and then compares it to the information in its database and when it finds duplicate information; it labels it as a virus and quarantines or deletes that particular file. It also searches for the known threats and red-flags behavior to block and delete malware from the web pages, files, software and other applications. Other antiviruses just remove the malware from your system whereas the Norton antivirus will remove viruses, worms, spyware, adware, Rootkits and Bots. Its fast scanning, virus detection and prevention of intrusive attacks through weak points in operating system software also makes it more special and unique than the other available antivirus.

Norton Antivirus Activation & Setup of Technical Support Services

Norton antivirus is designed to detect and eliminate the possible threats for a system like worms, Trojan and other viruses and can perform multiple application scan. It was originally made to detect the infection called virus and also provides other features like e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. Its technique of using signature and heuristics to identify viruses makes it one of a kind and a better security provider for your PC. The Norton antivirus should be constantly updated whenever it’s asked for, because of the ever changing virus codes that can overcome the outdated versions and make them useless to prevent the threat. It is important to install and update the Norton antivirus on PC because running a PC without an antivirus software can harm it big time, so the designers are constantly upgrading the antivirus software to keep it compatible with the upcoming and superior virus threats.

One of the major source or cause of virus infection is the internet, the chances of getting infected is directly proportional to the use of the internet. The longer you use or work on internet, the greater the chances of you getting infected are there, if you do not have Norton antivirus installed. Norton antivirus is available in different packages i.e. for professional as well as personal usage, and it is very important to have this software installed if you are a daily user of the internet and PCs. One can choose a package from the variety of other packages available such as:

All these antivirus packages come with a deal to provide affordability to the users and these deals change from time to time. So better check all these deals before buying any antivirus package, these deals will be very beneficial for you and for your pockets.

Norton setup and installation

In order to install the Norton product purchased from a retail store or from a third party website, you need to create a Norton account or if you already have an account then add the product that you purchased to your already existing account. You can also download or install the Norton’s 30 day free trial pack and check if it’s suitable for you.

For downloading and installing the Norton product, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Norton.
  2. If you don’t have an account, then click on Create account and then complete the process and sign in after the creation of your account.
  3. In the setup window, click Enter a new product key. Then, type in the product key and code. The product key is a 25-character alpha-numeric code which is used to introduce or access the product.
  4. You will be then asked for the automatic renewal service, if you want to proceed, then click on get started. And if you don’t want the automatic renewal service, click on skip and continue.
  5. Then click on Agree and Download. If you want to install it on other device then, click on Send a Download link.
  6. After that follow the instructions given by the downloader, when the downloader is executed, the product will be downloaded, installed and executed immediately and then you can save the file on any of your preferred location on the system.

Facing problems in installing the Norton antivirus with the product key?

If you are having any issues in installing the antivirus or are stuck somewhere in between the procedure, then you can fill in the configuration above at the top right side of the page. After filling in your details you will get a call within seconds from our backing and the Customer Provision Supervisory and you will be directed through the installation guide step by step until the software is installed in your system.

Basic function and services provided by Norton

Some basic key features and benefits of Norton are:

  • Protection against malware, viruses, spyware and other online attacks
  • Maintains user privacy in whatever device the user is operating in
  • Unsafe websites and suspicious downloads are avoided
  • Protection can be shifted from one device to another
  • You can add more protection as you get more devices
  • Gives kids the freedom to enjoy the internet safely
  • Can easily trace lost or stolen Smartphone or tablets
  • A 100% guarantee to remove all the viruses and threats, failing which a refund is initiated
  • Allows the services like schedule scan and auto scan
  • Displays regular basis on PC health

Norton antivirus is a product developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation, and has developed a huge user base since 1995. What makes it special is its technique of using signature and heuristics to identify viruses and the facility of providing e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection. The products are sold as OEM software, box copy as well as download. Norton Antivirus can create a personalized recovery tool on a data or storage disk which will recover even the worst case computers from attacks.

Norton Antivirus Product Services Contains

  • Norton Internet Security: Provides protection and safety from malware and other harms due to internet services.
  • Norton 360: an all-in-one security suite combining online protection with performance tuning.
  • Norton antivirus: It is basically the same as Norton Internet Security.
  • Norton Mobile security: Protects your mobile devices from various threats.
  • Norton identity protection: Protects your identity and personal information from the internet frauds.

Still having troubles in Norton Product key Activation process

Many types of errors can arise with the Norton products some of which are, regarding the installation of product key, setup of product key, or if the downloading or activation of the product key services are still bothering and irritating you. You don’t need to worry and contact our technical support guide to help you get rid of all the problems; you will be provided step by step guidance and help with all types of problems and queries. Before calling the customer support toll free number, make sure that you have the 25 character product key with you at that time, because the customer care service providers will need that product key to check and determine and make sure that you have the right product and it would be easy for them to help you with it. The product key is written on the back side of your retail card in a format like this: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. Sometimes when an antivirus causes some errors over a period of time, it starts to function by conversely damaging the data files and computer system instead of protecting it. Call the technical support staff as soon as you feel like your antivirus is starting to behave the same, before it causes any further harm to your system.

Features of Norton Technical Staff

The Norton technical staff can help with any of your problems related to the Norton product, some of the services that they provide are:

  • Removal of Activation product key, product key setup and installation issue of Antivirus.
  • 24*7 online availability of staff members for product key Activation.
  • Setup of latest Antivirus product key security software version.
  • Budget oriented service affordable by everybody.
  • Solving incompatibility issues with the operating system.

Get Norton Setup with product key and boost your device security!

Norton antivirus offers various plans for delivering advanced protection from various malware and threats. Norton 360 online security activation plan provides all-around protection to the device. If you install Norton on the PC then you can securely use the internet, share your data, and perform various tasks without any security concern.

What is Norton Activation?

Norton antivirus setup provides a key that is used for activating the Norton antivirus. Norton activation ensures that the Norton plan you are using is fully legit. Once you activate your Norton antivirus then you can easily use all the services and tools of Norton Internet Security Setup until you have its subscription. The key is a series of alphanumeric characters that you get in your email along with Norton setup. If you purchase a retail product then you will get the key on a card. Open the box and check for the card. If your Norton license gets expired then you should Renew Norton with Product Key immediately. It helps to keep your device always under good protection.

How Do I activate my Norton Product Key?

Norton activation is very easy. During Norton installation; you will get an activation window. You have to enter the key in that window. If you have purchased Norton from the online store then you have received the Key on your email address. Open the registered email address and check for the key. Now enter Norton product key on the activation window and press the Norton Activate button. If an error message appears on the screen that means you have entered the wrong key. So, retype the key correctly. Otherwise, just copy and paste the key easily. But if you get your Norton plan for the retail store then type the key carefully. Check the key twice and then press the Norton Activate button. Now follow the on-screen wizards to complete Norton installation and activation. After installation, the setup will ask you to restart your PC. Click on the Restart Now button and wait. Now you will get a Norton icon on your screen. Open the Norton dashboard and click on My Norton option. Go to Subscription and check whether your Norton plan gets activated or not.

How to renew Norton with Product Key?

Many Norton plans also provide auto-renewal mode. If your plan has auto-renewal mode then you don’t have to worry about antivirus renewal. Those plans renew themselves before expiry. But auto-renewal mode is not applicable for all Norton plans. You should check whether the plan is applicable for Norton auto-renewal or not. If not then you have to renew your Norton antivirus manually. If your auto-renewal mode is On but you don’t want to get your Norton plan renewed automatically then you can also disable the auto-renewal mode. Steps to disable Norton auto-renewal mode:

  • Open your PC and go to your internet browser
  • Search for Norton antivirus
  • Go to Norton homepage and click on Sign in button
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the Login button
  • Go to subscriptions page
  • You will see the list of your Norton product
  • Click on the product for which you want to disable auto-renewal mode
  • Toggle the button to Off
  • A confirmation window will appear on your screen
  • Press Yes button
  • Norton auto-renewal mode gets disabled

Now you have to renew the Norton plan manually. Norton antivirus sends you license expiry warning messages a month before the Norton expiry date. When you get the expiry message then you should renew the Norton plan immediately.

Steps to renew Norton with product key:

If you purchase the same Norton plan from the market then you don’t have to uninstall the previous plan to install the new one. You can directly use the product key of your new Norton set up for renewal.

  • Open your Norton dashboard and click on My Norton window
  • Click on Activate Now button
  • Enter Norton Product Key
  • Click on Activate my Norton antivirus

Wait until you get the confirmation message on the screen. You will also receive the Norton renewal confirmation message on your registered email address. Now go back to the subscription page to check whether your Norton expiry date gets extended or not. If yes, then you have renewed your Norton antivirus successfully.

You can also renew the Norton antivirus from the product. If you want to upgrade the Norton plan then a new setup will get installed on your device but if you are getting the same plan then the license will get renewed. Go to the Norton dashboard and click on the My Norton button. Choose the Renew button and press the Buy a subscription button. Now you will get a Norton product screen. Click on the product you want to purchase. A login screen will appear on the screen. Enter your Norton credentials and login to your account. Your page will get redirected to the billing screen. Now fill the billing details to purchase the subscription. Once you have purchased the subscription; your Norton antivirus will get renewed and you will receive a confirmation email on the registered email address.

The Norton technical support staff provides 24*7 services and helps in resolving all your issues related to the Norton products. A Norton control center is also provided to the users where they can use their Norton Antivirus features on a user friendly control panel.

You can also visit direct Norton website to complete your setup or call at 000 800 100 7601.

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